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You woke me up

Pain, pain really isn’t very much fun.

SO today I was having a wonderful day. I had been getting around better. THe exercises that they told me to do were easy and even the rain wasn’t bothering me. I was able to figure some things out, with the help of my doctor, and then suddenly, this evening, after picking up the hubby, the kneecap subluxed again. The pain began anew and I’m doing the best I can. So far, the medicine is keeping the pain and anxiety that comes along with the pain undercontrol. I would have given today a 9 but with this new sublux its all the way down to a 3. I’m off to read on the couch. Love you. Smooches.


February 26, 2007 Posted by | ankylosing spondylitis, anxiety, kneecap, pain, patella, Rain, subluxation, Windy, Winter | Leave a comment