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Flowers blooming…the music’s boomin…

The musics playin, the birds are chirpin, the clematis is blooming and spring has arrived to our corner of the world. The shorts are on and The New Mastersounds are givin it UP!. They are the new soundtrack to our house. I can’t wait to give them a full listen tomorrow when I have relaxation day. I can’t wait to relax. I’ve been back to the grind for almost a month now. Saw another doctor today. Told me that my medication has been the reason for all of my ill health the past few months. It’s nice to have somewhat of an answer and someone powerful on my side. The parental is also relieved. I think she was just as scared as me and the hubby when this all happened except for the fact that she is 3000 miles away and couldn’t be here. I talked to her today, and she said she almost came out. Even though I had heard that from the hubby already. It really made me feel good to hear it on this day again and from her. It’s taken years of hard work but we really have a great relationship and I’m thankful that we are as close as we are.

Spring is my most favorite season. Even with the rain. I am hoping that the warm rains will start to come so I can start hanging outside. I miss just sittin on the porch, swinging, and reading on the weekends, sun shining. That’s how it was today but I didn’t get enough of the day to enjoy because of the doctor appointments. The physical therepy is enjoyable enough. I get pain relief there and they have big ceiling to floor windows and I can look outside at the leaves waving in the wind.

Instrumental music, especially good instrumental music can really inspire, but it has to be the right time, and the right time is not now. I’m wrappin this up short style because I want to go be with the hubby. Its important to me.

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Pain, pain really isn’t very much fun.

SO today I was having a wonderful day. I had been getting around better. THe exercises that they told me to do were easy and even the rain wasn’t bothering me. I was able to figure some things out, with the help of my doctor, and then suddenly, this evening, after picking up the hubby, the kneecap subluxed again. The pain began anew and I’m doing the best I can. So far, the medicine is keeping the pain and anxiety that comes along with the pain undercontrol. I would have given today a 9 but with this new sublux its all the way down to a 3. I’m off to read on the couch. Love you. Smooches.

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