Esther Tela Free speaks

You woke me up


deifnitely has two meanings..

it can mean the most meanest sickest sickness jamming of the band named moe.

Or it can be a subluxating kneecap aka patellar. Guess there was some sort of tear, but not sure about that one. Still waiting for the email with the xray. I can’t believe I’m finally getiing a cool xray. Kinda sick I know but when you are fighting a disease, and you grab proof of if, a picture, you really want to own a copy of one. I have a feeling itll arrive sooner then later.

It’s nice to be off the crutches for the day. Now I iknow that it’s hyperextention that is causing it I need to go google what to do for that. I get the weekend for rest and then its back to healing the knee again. I’m so thankful of my life right now that I can honestly say I’m happy even with an injury like this one.

Damn that jam was just sickness


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Pain, pain really isn’t very much fun.

SO today I was having a wonderful day. I had been getting around better. THe exercises that they told me to do were easy and even the rain wasn’t bothering me. I was able to figure some things out, with the help of my doctor, and then suddenly, this evening, after picking up the hubby, the kneecap subluxed again. The pain began anew and I’m doing the best I can. So far, the medicine is keeping the pain and anxiety that comes along with the pain undercontrol. I would have given today a 9 but with this new sublux its all the way down to a 3. I’m off to read on the couch. Love you. Smooches.

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Today was an ok day

It’s not quite over yet, though I am debating missing my PT today because my hips are so sore, but the longer I sit, the more I know I have to go. If I start skipping at the beginning it doesn’t forbode well for me to have a different outcome. I couldn’t do the home exercises because of the pain last night and this morning so it’s imperitive that I go to the gym and get led in some more exercises. They are here to help me, not defeat me, not put me down, they are with me in this fight to win the battle of my immune system. As long as I stay strong and keep that positive attitude then I’m already 50% better then I could have ever hoped to be. Maybe 33% I haven’t decided how much I really do have under my own control. Placebos work, its been scientifically proven, so that means that if I fight as hard as I can mentally and get rest, and do all the things they ask me to do, then I can get through today. It’s hard for the hubby right now I know. He can sense that I need help but it’s help that I don’t think he can give me. If he were a physiologist or physical therepist, then maybe. But what he does help me with is everything else in my life.

I think I’ll turn on some music and see where the internet takes me. Come along for the ride..bbinb.

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