Esther Tela Free speaks

You woke me up

Up and UP

That’s all there is left to do. Go forward. Go up and up and up.

He just showed up at the office and signed the paperwork so as of tomorrow, when I sign, we will have finally come to an agreement on how much money I pay him to leave me alone basically. It’s either that or fight him in court.  I could definitely take him on in court but I figure its enough for the one year we spent together that I can remember him being totally honest with me. The lies started a year after we met and continued up til the last time I heard him speak; the courtroom when I faced him for the restraining order. I really honestly dont think he understands how much in fear I was of him. Perhaps he does and that’s why he pushed me to where this is ending.

It’s a very solitary thing, getting a divorce. This whole life I have going is quite solitary but I don’t mind it. Im alone, but I seem to be alone around other people a lot. Like I am right now at the studio. It’s a calmign place to be. Im surrounded by people who are honestly nice to me and I don’t sense any negativity on them at all. Everone in this business, well most of the ones I’ve met so far, are very positive happy people. I think it’s because we all love what we are doing and that makes it much more enjoyable.

Now comes more hard work. And figuring out the best step in life that I need to take to get to where I need to be.

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