Esther Tela Free speaks

You woke me up

Crawling back to you

Too busy being lost to fall

Starting to pack is always bittersweet. Lots of memories. Thankfully my mind is a bit blank and the memories haven’t flooded back as much as I had expected. I’m settling into a bit of a routine and that’s somewhat comforting. I’m really enjoying the studio. I am excited at the prospect of another week of travel. One of the things I adore the most is traveling. I am living on the hope that I will make that trip abroad before the new year. If I don’t many paths come to an end and I am fearful of that.

I do get flashes of memories though. Small ones. Usually negative. Then when I try to think of anything noteworthy, it’s mostly terrorist attacks or a mass shooting or a famous person dying. It’s all just the same out there. I wonder. Am I better off just keeping in my own little bubble? Caring about those around me who care about me. The studio is becoming a very safe place and I hope that continues.

I would like to take a full day off from responsibilities, but I probably shouldn’t. But since its the weekend I think I’ll go crawl back into bed.


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