Esther Tela Free speaks

You woke me up


Some good, some bad. They come back at all times. Recently the bomb has been invading my thoughts. That’s right. Bomb. A homeade one yes, but one that blew up none the less. I was 17. Junior year. I think at least. It was warm and the fan was the window (in the memories of that time, the fan is ALWAYS in the window) and something woke me up and I looked out the window. By this time in my life I had been bullied inccessently by my classmates. I was petrified to go to school and even home wasn’t safe. Cars would drive by late at night and flash their brights in the window. I was a mess. I must have already had anxiety at that point because I was always worrying about everything. I digress. I heard something that made me look out the window and I saw two guys walking towards the house. I was able to see them put something right by the door and of course I was curious. Maybe someone was actually being nice to me? I always tried to be optimistic and I’m glad I have not lost that in the 4 decades I’ve been alive. I walked down the winding stairs towards the front door and suddenly there was a loud bang and my mom started yelling. We both went to the door and opened up and there was black soot and exploded pieces. I was horrified. I know my mother was too. This was back in 1991; pre-911. If this had happened now, the kids would be in trouble. See, my mom went to the school and told them what had happened. I had seen the guys who did it. I knew who it was. In fact, one of the guys had a class with me. My mom wanted something done. I’m sure you know what’s coming. The school did nothing and every day. Every. Damn. Day. I had to look at this guy who put a homeade bomb on my porch and be scared knowing that they could get away with anything they wanted. If they could put a bomb on my porch, what on earth would they do next? My horror and fear of people has to stem in part from this experience. 


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